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Why Do Good Relationships Go Bad?

Too many good relationships go bad, and in many cases it could be prevented. Now here's the tough part. All too often, in fact around two-thirds of the time (that's nearly 70%), it's the woman who initiates the break-up. And you know what, all too often, us guys play along by either:

  1. Not predicting the relationship break-up at all.
  2. Seeing the relationship break-up coming and doing nothing!
  3. Seeing a relationship break-up looming, panicking and ultimately making the situation much worse than it need be.

Women initiate relationship break-ups for as many reasons as there are raindrops, but one very significant reason is that the guy they married simply disappeared!

I guarantee that if you focused your attention on her needs, and not on your own, she wouldn't even consider breaking-up this relationship.

But how do you do that?

You and I both know that if she was getting everything she wanted--she'd be seeing "sunshine at night," and you'd be the happiest guy in town! Clearly that ain't the case...

The good news? It's not too late to make it happen!

I can help you light up her life again, the way you used to. You'll either fully rejuvenate your relationship, or at the very least she'll love you for trying. Either way you're a hero.

Look at the letter I received below (and note my answer):

Life Coaching Without Sugarcoating.
Question of the week:

Q: Ron K. Chicago. "I think my wife is having an affair. I'm not certain, but she seems different somehow, distracted and remote. We argue all the time as well, and we never used to. I keep asking her what's wrong but she just won't say."

A: Burrel says: "Well stop asking! Stop adding to the tension. Instead start doing what you did to get her, to keep her. If she isn't responding to that, just continue to support her in all her endeavors. You see two negatives don't make a positive. If she's mad about something, you getting mad too will only make it worse. Keep supporting her and before long she'll open up."

Time and time again, I see guys who have become so caught up in work, their lives, their own interests and day-to-day pressures that they've forgotten how to make their women happy.

More about break-up warning signs.

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